How dangerous is salt for your health?


overusing salt has proven to be bad for the health. It actually causes lots of serious diseases. in fact, it kills around 14000 human every year, can you believe it? here is why you should not overuse salt.

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones is very common among those who overuse salt.  The high salt intake leads to too much calcium. This buildup of calcium in the kidneys is what causes the Kidney Stones.

High blood pressure


A diet high in salt may cause high blood pressure. Eventually, this may lead to complications like a heart attack or a stroke.


Salt causes high blood pressure which increases the risk of diabetes.



Salt can indirectly affect your weight. A diet high in salt will definitely leave you thirsty. the sugary fluids that you drink to compensate lead to noticeable weight gain.

Water retention


A diet high in salt leads to water retention which causes bloating.

Stomach Cancer

believe it or not, so many cases of stomach cancers have been traced back to salt. A diet that is high in salt increases the risk of stomach cancer.


Salt is not entirely bad. Our bodies actually need certain amounts of salt every day. As an adult, you need less than 1 gram per day. We recommend you lessen your salt intake because prevention is always better than cure.

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