How Indji El Solh Keeps Revolutionizing Fitness

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International Celebrity trainer & nutritional management expert Indji El Solh is widely recognized by everyone is fervently building her fitness empire from Galleria 40 to Zamalek’s Vibes to her own Studio in Dokki. Across oceans and seas even from Canada to New York to Dubai. This Summer she joins forces with the renowned gym, LA7 in Sahel adding to her usual Hacienda and Cairo schedule just to name a few.

Her approach to fitness is serious yet fun. She informs all clients how the body reacts to certain food. Indji makes her clients fully aware of how to manage their diet and workouts. She found the formula that unleashes a person’s power of growth in the form of an intense and spontaneous class combining spinning & dancing with kangoo – a type of shoe that challenges your resistance and balance – leading to life-changing results. Indji understands how each muscle fiber reacts to her formulated body design workouts. She’s a mastermind to say the least. Cairo Gyms sat with Indji El Solh keeps revolutionizing fitness.

Cairo Gyms: What’s the first thing that you do in the morning? Any morning rituals you have?

I.E.S: For example, if I have a 7:30 class I wake up at 6:00 A.M. like an hour a half before it. I first drink water then tea with biscuits like digestive for instance while reading a book that’s my meditation because the rest of the day I’m on the go I don’t stick to my comfort zone. Life’s too short if you don’t take up any sort of challenge I mean you must notice in my classes and even in my life.

How is your dance cardio class different from other classes?

The whole class is tailored to my body design method where I look through my clients’ anatomy and I work with doctors. My class is a body design program I work on tiny muscles every fiber matters and can’t be overseen yet the smallest fibers matter the most.

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I imagine how they are and how they can develop and transform long and lean much as I would prefer. The focus is tone the body not bulk it you see. I’ve organized an effective program the reconstructs the body simply by showing up to my classes and make your workout count giving it your all and following my diet instructions you will see a metamorphosis.

Why do you swap spinning and “Kangoo” in the middle of a cardio class?

I like the idea of mixed mixed media art. I think of like a collage of different elements from music to dancing it’s intense and never boring. There is a focus of how the body moves in space and the texture of getting the mix of challenging the body. It’s exciting, full of life and fun to keep you going. Always on your toes nothing is ever the same thing. Challenging the body makes the workout count. It’s never boring when you jump on a trampoline or bounce around in Kangoo shoes.

Can beginners do your class and if so do you see them advance?

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Yes, they certainly can and I always do it’s nice to see beginners go from the back of the class to the front. Slow and steady wins the race so come in 3 times a week and add more when you feel you can handle more.

Do you use weights and if so what’s the maximum?

Yes, 2 to 3s maximum because again the point is to tone not to bulk for women’s classes you know.

As we women get older our metabolism changes how do we fight that?

Indjy el Solh

You need to adjust your food and workouts to where you are now. You need to be strategic with your weight loss or weight maintenance journey. It’s about sustaining a healthy diet and disciplining yourself to workout at least 3 times a week. If you can work out more then, more power to you by all means go ahead. 

What’s your life lesson? Your philosophy?

Stay calm & confident regardless of what life throws at you.  Remember whether you’re a newbie or a pro in anything that you do we’re all in this together so persevere and keep pushing on through life but also remember survival of the fittest.


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