How to control your 7lwyat Ramadan intake

Konafa Intake

Every Ramadan brands compete to create the sexiest desserts. We see new dessert inventions every year like red velvet basbousa, konafa nutella, konafa blueberry and much more. Add to the list your mama’s homemade desserts. If you surrender to your sweet tooth, things can get out of control. How can you keep your dessert intake under control? We have some tips for you to try.

1- Pick Occasions

family gathering

If you’re going to eat desserts, don’t eat them alone. Pick happy occasions like a family gathering or a friends outing. This way you get to enjoy your dessert with the company and not feel like you’re missing out on anything.

2- Don’t listen to family and friends


Egyptians are known for their generosity. While eating at a family member’s or a friend’s house, they would usually ask you repeatedly to eat more even though you’re full. Resist the temptation and don’t eat that extra piece of konafa, you don’t need it.


3 – Calculate your calories


Calculating calories can be annoying, we know. However, it’s good for you. It can work as a reminder that you shouldn’t have dessert today or that you shouldn’t eat more than one piece.


4 – Enjoy it


Don’t eat desserts while watching TV or talking on the phone. You should enjoy every moment of dessert eating and appreciate it. Also, eating dessert while doing activities might lead to over-eating which is something that we want to avoid.


5 – Replace desserts with fruits

Every time you feel like eating something sweet, try a piece of fruit first.

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