How to get bigger boobs without surgery

Bigger Boobs

Nowadays everything is plastic, plastic surgeries have been so common lately, but in my opinion nothing beats being original.

This is why; we’re going to tell you how to be AUTHENTIC!

Nothing stands in the way of exercise; you can have your breasts bigger in a matter of weeks.

Yes what you’ve just read is true, why go into a set of surgeries when you can do a set of workouts and have natural results.

Believe me it works like magic.

You will no longer have to undercover behind your push-up bra all the time.

Let’s be frank flat chested women are never sexy to anyone, but not anymore!

The following exercise will spare you thepain of surgery; exercise always finds you a way out of almost everything.

The workout includes:

  • 7 exercises
  • 12 repetitions
  • 3 rounds

What do you need is:

  • 2 dumbbells
  • Or you can replace them with 2 water bottles

Remember to always wear a sports bra during workout sessions, even if the exercise is far from intense, it can still have some serious impact on breast tissue.

Exercise 1:

The roundabout pushups:

  • Drop down to the right slowly then get back to your position and drop down to the left as if you’re making a big circle.
  • Try to shift your weight left and right as much as you can.
  • Make sure you’re keeping your back flat and your hips down when you drop down.


Exercise 2:

The chest press pulls

Try to keep your elbows as high as you can


Exercise 3:

The single leg tricep dips (this exercise helps you get toned arms as well)


Exercise 4:

Bent over ventral raise and squeeze


Exercise 5:

The tip toe planks( go back and forth as much as you can )


Exercise 6:

Diagonal shoulder raise

Make sure you don’t rotate your shoulders, do this for both arms


Exercise 7:

Push-up planks


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