How to have less stretch marks

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Stretch marks are really annoying for those who have them; it’s a bit frustrating to find your skin has all of these white marks on it, as if someone has dropped some ink on your drawing.

Let’s just get into details and know all about it.

Stretch marks can result from two main things:

  • It’s either you have a problem and you’re really losing fat quite fast.
  • Or the exact opposite and you’re gaining muscles really fast especially for the bodybuilders in the bulking season. It happens because the underlying tissue grows so fast that the skin eventually tears along the growth site. However if you’re a serious bodybuilder don’t feel bad if you get them because these two go together.

“Prevention is the best medicine” It’s never easy to get rid of your stretch marks, I’m sorry for breaking it to you but getting rid of stretch marks without having cosmetic intervention is a myth. What you can do is to help prevent its growth.


Here are some tips in order to help prevent its appearance or even to stop its progress:

  • A diet deficient inminerals and Vitamin E can contribute to their growth. So, make sure you’re supplementing your diet with a good multi-vitamin/mineral. A good multi-vitamin will ensure that your skin is healthy, not to mention the rest of your body.
  • Rub lotion that is high in vitamin E into the troubled areas. This will help speed up the healing process.
  • Avoid heavy bulking during the off-season, since stretch marks are associated with growing too fast. Bulking-up usually means you’re packing on pounds of adipose tissue, anyway.
  • You can hide them using a tanning oil it will make you look hotter as well.
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