How to Love Your Hands and Feet

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You happen to have only two hands and only two feet for your entire life. You can’t change them with new ones if they got old right! Especially if you’re a weight lifter, bodybuilder or a gym freak who spends a lot of time with weights in his hands. You probably tend to face dry hands all the time. Mainly because of dumbbells; they are really rough on hands and with the regular lifting it may cut them up.


 baby-powder Baby-Powder (1)









Baby powder is a must have in your gym bag, if you dump some baby powder in your socks (try to be generous) it can soak up any sweat and helps in keeping your feet healthy and dry. Believe it or not it blocks the way of bad odor to your feet leaving it stink free.

The problem with moist feet is that they can end you up with athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, rashes, eczema, and other nasty skin infections.













If you’re lifting heavy weights then you probably would have developed some gnarly calluses on your palms. It’s really embarrassing that as soon as you hold or shake somebody’s hands they pull their hands away. Saying oh” Your hand is really dry”.

You can get rid of these annoying situations using the pumice stone to file down the calluses. 

  • Petroleum jelly












It shouldn’t’ ever leave you; it’s your soft companion. After filing down the calluses your hands will still be a little tender and itchy. Rub some of the jelly into your hands, palms, and in between the fingers. It will give them a little moisture and take care of that dry itch. When the weather is cold or dry you may have need to apply the balm every day.

  • Gloves

Glove and Love Your Hands

Man Gloves Man Gloves 










“Prevention is the best medicine”, don’t wait until you develop calluses on your palms and then start looking for solutions. Wearing some working out gloves will definitely prevent its appearance.

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