How To Prepare Your Body For Fasting


These are 10 ways to prepare your body to endure fasting the day during Ramadan, with a lower appetite, and an energetic body!

1. Shrink your portions

Begin eating your meals with lesser, moderate quantities, to avoid the increasing appetite while fasting during the holy month!

2. It’s breakfast O’clock

During Ramadan, we wake up early for Suhoor, some of us stay up late till the morning before fasting begins. Try not to skip this pre-dawn meal, and start mimicking your day by having your breakfast early in the morning!

3. Do not Chum

Do not snack, have 3 main meals, so during Ramadan, you cut off only one.

4. Coffee, It’s time to part

If you are best friends with caffeine, and you do not want to endure a pounding headache during the beginning of Ramadan,  start reducing your caffeine intake, or switch to decaf!

5. Wean off smoking

Smokers will experience withdrawal symptoms : irritability, anger, restlessness, impatience… etc. during Ramadan. If you are a smoker, try not to smoke by day to mimic what will happen when you fast.

6. Practice

Practice Ramadan by having voluntary fast days to help you adapt.

7. Reset your biological clock

Start regulating your sleep to what it will look like during the month of Ramadan. You will need to wake up early for Suhoor,  maybe have an afternoon nap, and sleep early.

8. Stock up

Plan your meals before Ramadan to save yourself from the hassle. Decide on your meals, ingredients, and go grocery shopping!

9. No salty things

Cut off too much salt, use spices and tamari in small amounts instead, to avoid thirst.

10. Modify your exercises

Regular gentle exercise will help your energy levels stay up during the holy month. Fasting normally slows up our metabolism, making it harder to stay fit. Try walking, swimming or yoga, preferably in the morning  to stay flexible.

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