How To Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Choking

Kid Eats

Pay attention to your kids

Watch your children while they’re eating or drinking, because kids usually don’t make any noise when they are choking, so be careful that you won’t be alerted. That means not letting your kid eat while you’re driving, for example.

Keep kids seated

Give a good care that your child sits while eating. Don’t allow your children to eat while lying down, walking, climbing, running, or doing any other activities.

Grind Food

Mash or cut up food into small pieces, so it’s easy enough for your baby to chew. And cut the finger-food into rounds pieces. Don’t put too much nut butter on bread or toast, because it’s a choking hazard. Instead, spread it thinly.

Choose snacks wisely

Don’t give your child popcorn, nuts, seeds, candies, gums , or marshmallows until he or she is 4 at least.

Beware of teething medication

Don’t give your kids food right after using a teething medication, it can make the throat even worse and interfere with swallowing.

Keep small objects away

Don’t let your kid play with small objects such as buttons, coins, safety pins, balloons, small rocks, or anything with parts smaller than 1¼ inches around or 2¼ inches long.

Keep the mobile away

Make sure your child can’t reach a hanging mobile.

Keep baby powder away

Don’t let your child play with baby powder containers. The powder can scatter and clog your child’s throat.

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