Fat Belly

Your diet is not your enemy; this is your guide that tells you how to be on good terms with your diet. Following a diet plan is like being in a relationship. The more you invest in it the happier you will be. It takes two to tango remember!

You can enjoy sustainable results without having a strong feeling of deprivation. If you’re having a pretty bad relationship with your diet; you’re probably doing one or more of these mistakes. Learn more about them and how to avoid doing them in order to have a balanced and effective diet.


There are many diet plans out there, shifting from one plan to another is really easy especially if it’s recommended to you by someone you know. But trying too many plans in a short time will do you no good.

Your body has a natural learning curve, even when it comes to nutrition. Diet results vary depending on your body, genetics, and the type of diet you’re doing. Some people will see results quickly and then plateau, while others see no physical results for months and then suddenly wake up with a brand-new body.


Frequently changing your program will hinder your results.

What to do?

Stick with a new diet plan for 10-12 weeks before jumping ship. You have to give your body time to adjust to new foods, a new macronutrient profile, and perhaps new meal times. If you feel like results aren’t happening fast enough, don’t forget that good things are often happening inside. It sometimes just takes a while for them to be reflected on the outside.

The only time you should switch plans more quickly—or even immediately—is if you have a bad reaction. If you get sick, gain weight, or lose weight rapidly, have an allergic reaction to some of the food, or have severe mood changes that don’t go away after a couple of weeks, you need a new plan.



Magazine headlines, infomercials, and trendy diet books may try to entice you with promises of quick fixes and instantaneous abs.


Don’t believe everything you read

What to do?

Look for trusted sources to get your diet plans from; sure you don’t want anyone to make gambles over your body.  Stick to a simple plan that improves your mood and body composition without making you crazy.


It’s okay if you’re not 100% following your plan, in order for you to be on good terms with your diet you have to be patient so that you can get used to it. You’re changing your habits from one extreme to another. So don’t punish yourself if one day you decided to have pizza for dinner.


Healthy eating is a habit that you establish along the way.

What to do?

It’s not all or nothing, nutrition is vitally important like exercise and sleep, if you had a bad night’s sleep does this mean that you’re going to boycott sleeping? The same goes for your diet if one day you didn’t stick to your program; you still have a lot to invest in the following day.


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