How to Set Your New Year’s Goals

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Achievers in all fields, Top-level athletes and successful business people set goals. Setting goals is important in different fields because it gives you short-term motivation and long term vision that helps you stay on track and focus on your purpose in life, it helps you make the most out of your life in the aspects that really matter to you.

I personally have this ritual every year to write down my goals related to different aspects of life,it could be about my training, career, social or self-development. It really helps me look backand see what I wanted to achieve and how far I went, sometimes I realize my goals were sosmall, that I did a lot more which is great! Other times I realize I did not achieve my writtengoals, however, my life took an even more interesting turn and I have achieved different things, I still find it interesting to see how my mindset was in the beginning of the year and how far I have went.

The problem with setting goals is that it can often be frustrating rather than motivating. You don’t know where to start and you sometimes end up overwhelming yourself with unrealistic goals. This is a small guide on how you can set goals high enough as to motivate you, yet simple and realistic enough for you to achieve.

These tips can help you set goals for your training as well as your own personal goals in different aspects of life that you care to achieve.

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1. Be Honest with yourself

The purpose of goals is to establish something that is truly valuable to you.

First decide what you really care about and set goals to help you achieve that. Sometimes people set goals and don’t get motivated enough because it’s for something that they deep down do not value or have as a priority. Be true to yourself and decide on your core values before jumping to goals so as to set your goals coherent with what you care for the most. You are most likely to stay committed to a goal that you are passionate about.

Once you set your priorities and find your passion, move on by creating goals within following the SMART goal theory.

2. Follow the S.M.A.R.T goal theory.

A SMART goal is
S. Specific, specific as in you cannot set a goal that is general “Get Stronger” or “Become more healthy” this is very generic it will make you lost. Break down this goal into smaller more specific goals. How will you become more healthy? Do you need to lose weight? Gain weight? Quit smoking? Or any other bad habits

M. Measurable, those examples above are also not measurable, how will you decide, okay I am stronger now or more healthy? You have to be able to tell when you have achieved your goal otherwise you will never feel any accomplishment. Instead of “lose weight” it can be “lose 5kg”

A. Achievable; i personally believe that we all struggle with motivation, keep your goals so simple! It’s good to shoot for the stars yes, the best part about setting a goal is achieving it, so alllow yourself that! And if you are focused on this simple goal, you will be achieving a lot in the process,regardless of your goal.

R. Realistic, “Get a sick pack” Is a very common goal for people, however getting a six pack is not a realistic goal for people who are not interested to be fitness models or bodybuilders, and six pack does not mean your abs are the strongest, six packs serve no real functional purpose. You could be very strong and lean, however you do not have a six pack.

T. Time Bound when do you want to achieve your goal? What time frame is realistic to that goal?

3. Create mini goals to get those goals

Now we have a SMART goal! With a goal like this, it’s a good idea to set a few more action- oriented SMART tasks so that you have a game plan. Here are a few examples:

Example of SMART goal with mini Action-Goals:

I want to lose 10kg by End of the year. To do this, I will exercise 5 days per week for 30 minutes and eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

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4. Stay flexible

Keep an open mind, if your goals are not working out, instead of sontantly pushing harder and adding pressure to yourself, take a few steps back and think why is it not working out, is it not a SMART goal? Is it maybe something that you have a very hard time motivating yourself to do? Forcing yourself to do something by setting a goal is not how it works. Passion is the real drive. Do you find it hard to stick to your gym plan? Maybe you need to explore another workout that is more interesting to you. Do you find it hard to go to workout in the hours you have planned maybe find more convenient hours. Get motivated to train by Finding a place that is convenient, fun and within your budget.It’s all about the process!

I sometimes get students in class that don’t enjoy their training just because all they are so fixated to nail their specific goal move! Goal moves can be motivating, however it really is all about the process. Enjoy the present moment, when you are training feel the moves you are doing get connected with your body and be grateful to what it can do regardless of what it is.

8. Keep a dreams journal!

If you still want to shoot for the stars, this is your journal to be as creative and imaginative and go as crazy as you want! Write those dreams they will help you to know what your heart really wants from a bigger perspective and you realize them into a goal when possible.

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