How your diet is negatively affecting your sex life?

Diet and Sex Life

The Quick answer is ‘yes’, a diet CAN affect your sex life. A horrible diet not just causes obesity, heart diseases, and countless other problems, but also negatively affects your sex life. Over the years, researchers proved the strong connection between a balanced diet and a good sex life and the opposite. In this article, we tell you about all the wrong eating habits that might be harming you.


What’s bad for your gym body is also bad for your sex life. That is why carps go on top of the list. It is a very known fact that obese men have lower levels of testosterone and carps is one of the main reasons behind obesity.


A caffeinated cup of coffee, as proven by research, increases blood flow. And because sexual health is all about blood flow, coffee is good for you.


Don’t listen to everything your sweet tooth tells you. Sugar is another element that can drastically lower your levels of testosterone. Sugar also causes an overall body fatigue.


Watch out! Too much food on your plate can both make you gain weight and lower your energy levels. Who wants that?

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