I am pregnant, can I workout?

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Exercising during pregnancy is really crucial; it helps lift your spirits and prepares you for the process of labor and childbirth. However, it’s really important to be extra cautious when working out during the pregnancy period. We have some tips for you.

  • Check with your doctor

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You have to go back to your doctor. In some cases the pregnancy is too complicated to handle a workout. Are you one of those cases? We can’t put the life of the baby at risk.

  • Calories


Exercising burns calories. If you’re going to do it, then you have to get enough calories to strengthen your body and nourish it.

  • Avoid these exercises

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Basket ball, soccer, horseback riding and other exercises that might be dangerous for the baby should be avoided.

  • Drink water


There is not much we can say here, Just drink lots of water. Your body and your baby needs it.

  • Warm-up


Don’t skip the warm-ups. If you do, your body and muscles will suffer lots of pain and aches.


When can I start working out when pregnant?

Preg Workout

Most women tend to wait until the second trimester to workout, when morning sickness and tiredness have improved. However, you can workout before that if you have no specific problem with your pregnancy. You have to note that, pregnancy is not the time to begin vigorous or strenuous activity that your body isn’t used to. You have to keep it low and short.

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