If you’re not one of his Instagram followers, you’re missing a lot.

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You’ve probably heard the name Hassan Gabr before. He is Egypt’s fittest man 35+ for 2016 and a certified CrossFit coach at BeFit. If you’re not one of his followers on Instagram, you’re missing a lot. It’s not just for the daily dose of motivation you get by scrolling down his feed. Gabr just started hosting his own fitness show. He films short educational videos and posts them on Instagram and Facebook. He is simply a man with experience that needs to be passed on.

On the 10th of April, he posted his first video in which he talked all about warm ups. He discussed the importance of a pre-workout warm up and how you should not repeat the same warm up every day. In his second video, he talked about stretches and he illustrated the difference between static and dynamic stretches. In another video, he discussed weigh-belts and whether they are good or not for the body. He also tackled a very controversial topic which is coffee. His last video was about carbohydrates that you can eat pre-workout.

‘As fitness coaches, we meet lots of people with misconceptions about health and fitness’ Gabr said. He also said that most people get their information from friends who might not be qualified or experienced enough for this.

The whole idea behind A2Fit is simply to change the lifestyle of more Egyptians to a healthier one. Gabr and his team want to reach out to and help those who can’t workout with them every day. They want to simplify the concepts because it’s not rocket science.

Hassan Gabr

We think the show is amazing; Videos are short, fun, professional, and to the point. We’re huge fans. Gabr posts regularly, he won’t keep you waiting for long. You can find all the series under the hashtag #A2Fit. Watch them and take notes. Also, don’t forget to give the A2Fit team your feedback and tell them your video requests.


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