Injy Sweid, A Mindful Yogi, PT, and Health Coach

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach

Growing up, Injy Sweid was a super active kid, she just never really stuck to practicing a particular sport. When Injy was a teenager, she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and had to deal her way through them. One thing that actually helped her cope with her stress was performing any physical activity. Injy is also a sponsored athlete to Ryderwear, an Australian based sportswear brand. Injy, impressively, was a 7 years banker with an Msc degree in financing, who balanced corporate and fitness life for a couple of years!

Rugby to Rehab

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach

Injy became more active and invested in sports, yet not 100% committed at the time. She tried her best to dedicate more time to physical activity, and during her university years, she joined the rugby team. Injy quit Rugby 3 years later due to a knee injury, and started a rehab journey.

Healing through Yoga

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach

Throughout her rehab journey Injy discovered yoga to the core. “Yoga was truly a practice that helped me deeply in remaining grounded, moving better and feeling deeper.” Injy started practicing yoga in 2013 and she hasn’t stopped ever since! “I’m a certified yoga teacher now, yoga helps me with my anxiety, panic attacks, and never fails to keep me grounded. My favorite is power vinyasa and hatha yoga. I enjoy challenging movements and advanced flexibility poses.”

Health & Nutrition Coaching

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach

Injy also practices functional training and gymnastics, she is certified as a personal trainer since 2017. “For health coaching, I studied the IIN health coaching program for a year. The concept is not just what you eat, it’s your lifestyle, it’s managing stress and life, everything that affects the body. I take a holistic approach towards food. I don’t count calories, or macros, but I know my portions and needs, it’s different for everyone. I started intuitive eating when I was in school since I had a digestive problem, and it changed my life ever since.”

A Healthy Lifestyle

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach

“Health coaching is the closest to my heart, because everything you put your body through, your body always reflects the results. Food and feelings affect our DNA and body more than we think. I advise my clients to eat intuitively and know their portions. Understand their body needs and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Injy Sweid LA7 Coach
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