Insanity Max 30‏

Insanity Max 30

The craziest 30 minutes of your day for the best results in your life

Free only 30 minutes of your time every day and let your body feel the change itself; it’s not just a 30 minute fitness program, it is 150 new moves that make every inch of your body sweat!

We all know that insanity is not a piece of cake workout for anyone to do; some of us thought it’s impossible until we have seen astonishing results of shredded bodies in just 30 minutes a day.

Are you up to the tough challenge?

Insanity Max 30 is a pretty tough workout at which your chances of making it from the first time are really few; this is why Shaun T spent a lot of time to find you a way out.

Here comes the maxing out approach!

When you do the Max 30 workout, you are supposed to go as hard as you can for the longest time possible; and when you feel like power is draining out of you and you are about to raise the white flag, then it’s time for you to take a break and write down the time you maxed out and get right back in, to finish your workout.

How long you can go?

At the beginning you might go for only 3 minutes, yes! Only 3 and this is considered to be an achievement because of how intense the workouts are. If you went for 3 minutes and couldn’t go any further, then 3 is your max out time. In the following day try to push yourself to make 30 more seconds, if you succeeded to attain extra 30 seconds every day for 60 days you will make it all the way to Max 30 and this will be when your body feels grateful for what you’ve done.

Max 30 workout

It’s a fitness program where your body challenges itself; no gym equipment, no weights just you and your body.

The workouts include 12 killer Cardio and Tabata strength workouts.
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