Insanity Workout


What is insanity?

There is a reason why they call the workout program ‘Insanity’, trust me when I say that this stuff is intense. It’s a 60-day cardio-based program that combines high intensity aerobic and anaerobic Interval training, from burpees and football runs to jumping jacks and suicides. Insanity has became a very popular workout program and many who have written about Insanity workout reviews, have said that it might be one of the toughest workout programs ever.

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Most of the workouts follow this rule:

High intensity exercises for 3 minutes, followed by 30 seconds of rest, which keeps you in the anaerobic zone for most of the workouts, which in turn will appeal to experienced exercisers who want to push their limits.

insane2Are you “Insane” enough?

Well, Are you dedicated and have a strong will to keep moving forward?

Do you want to improve your Cardio?

Are you interested in improving your strength and toning your muscles?

Are you serious about wanting to lose weight?


If you answered YES, then you are eligible to join an Insanity Program


How do you know you aren’t suitable for such a program?insanity-pure-cardio

If you are any of the below, then you might want to reconsider:

  • You suffer from Joint Problems
  • You are pregnant
  • You expect to buff up
  • You are just too lazy.


Now why should you consider joining an Insanity Program?


Well, for one thing, you don’t need any equipment. It is also a very well organized workout. And most importantly, Insanity program instructors are usually very motivating and keep on pushing you to your limits and that in itself is very challenging.

Now remember, Insanity needs commitment and lots of will power for 60 days. But if you want to get in shape real bad and you are up to the challenge, then insanity will be your best option to get you in great shape, tone your muscles and see results in the shortest time.


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