Inspirational Figures: Coach Mohamed Hany


CairoGyms was honored to have a chance to meet Egypt’s first time winner in Muscle Mania Middle East 2014 to be qualified as a contestant on MuscleMania’s Worldwide Competition which gathers all the winners of each region in the world to determine the most fittest man.  We took the chance to interview this talented fitness enthusiast to find out more.

1. What is your specialty in the fitness.

“I am a certified professional fitness trainer, certified in kinesiology (The Scientific Study of Human Kinetics), a sports nutritionist, and currently the Fitness Manager at Transformer Fitness Center.  Also I am the Nutrition and Fitness specialist on the Mehwar TV Channel.”

2. How long have your been working in the fitness field?

“So far, it has been 9 years, and still going.”

3. What encouraged you to become Professional Fitness Trainer.

“I love the healthy lifestyle . . . So I decided that it was important that I start improving my knowledge about everything from fitness to nutrition by studying and getting certified.”

Mohamed Hany


4. When you enrolled to compete in Muscle Mania Middle East Segment 2014, did you think you would win?

“Firstly, it was a great experience to compete in MuscleMania. Secondly, I am away’s in shape, making sure I have the right body mass ratio’s as much as I can, so once I knew the news of competition date I started to do extra workouts and be more focused on my nutritional plan. . . And thank God, I won as the first Egyptian to get his pro card from MuscleMania. I will be compete next October in Paris for the First International Pro Competition.”

5. How long did it take for you to prepare for the competition, and was it difficult?

“It was very difficult and it took lot of effort to appear in perfect shape. . . First I had to pinpoint my weaknesses and work on them. It took 100 days to develop my weak points into strengths.  It was no walk in the park, preparing for the competition, but it was all worth it.  The key was dedication.”

6. We know you have a transformation program called, “Reshape Your Body”.  How many people have tried this program successfully?

“In the last 4 month’s 12 member’s have taken part in the “Reshape Your Body” program, and I’m proud to say that all 12 have achieved their targeted goals”

Mohamed Hany

7. What would you ultimately like to achieve as a Professional Person Trainer?

“Ultimately . . . I plan to be the most inspirational Trainer and Athlete.”

8. Who inspires you?

“I am inspired by Kai Greene, George Farah, and Greg Plitt.  But I must say, I am my own inspiration as well.  It is important that people inspire themselves to be better.”

9. Finally, what is 1 tip of inspiration you would tell your fans?

“You have to work on your dreams to create your reality.”

Stay tuned for more tips and advice by Coach Mohamed Hany. . .

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