Irritating Gym Habits

Irritating Gym Habits

The gym never stops memberships, even if over capacity.  This means that there is always a variety of gym members with different workout routines.  Some of these member’s have really irritating habits that every can agree should stop.



At almost every gym, there is a rule that says, “Member’s Must Have a Towel With Them At All Times While On The Floor.”  The wording might be different but it is the same rule, and it’s there for a reason.  Everyone sweats when working out, & that is good, means your burning calories.  What isn’t good is leaving equipment sweaty.  Give consideration to your fellow members and wipe off your equipment.  It’s gym etiquette 101.  Also, if you know you sweat a lot, remember to wear antiperspirants.



Every person has a body type, and accordingly they wear to their body shape.  For some reason though all rules of fashion are thrown out when it comes to some people.  In the gym, when you work out especially, and in general, it’s recommended to wear comfortable & breathable clothing.  Sweat-pants and cotton shirt is an obviously safe way to go.  There are many choices to choose from and very fashionable ones too, just make sure your not showing too much, it’s a distraction.



On average, you should be in the gym, working out for no longer than an hour and a half or two hours maximum.  Remember there is traffic coming into the gym and equipment is available for every-bodies use.  Lagging in the gym mean’s your doing one of the following; chatting, chilling, walking around, taking longer then needed rests between reps, selfies etc.  We aren’t saying it’s a race and you need to run through your workout at super speed, all we mean is that be considerate of the other around you waiting for you to finish your 30 minute walk on the treadmill or last set with the 50 kg dumbbells.



When working out at the gym you usually come across “Grunters” (we know it’s not a real word) that make a horrifying sound when trying to finish their last rep.  It’s ok to let out some steam, but no need to roar through the whole gym.  Some of these “Grunters” grunt even when they aren’t working out, during their rest time between reps.  What’s that about?  Again we ask you to remember to be courteous and aware of your surroundings.  That’s sound can be frightening to some of the lady gym members.  Remember, beasts are silent but deadly.



Again, another rule at every gym is to 1. Don’t Throw Your Dumbbells and 2. Re-rack.  It’s common sense when in a public facility to return what you are using to the place you got it from.  When you are at a restaurant and use a utensil, you don’t throw it on the floor when your done, you leave it on your plate.  Same rules apply in the gym and this goes for dumbbells, plates, aerobics equipment, towels, etc.


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