Is ‘Physique’ becoming the new ‘Bodybuilding’?

Kamal Bodybuilding and physique

We conducted an interview with the Musclemania champ Ahmed Kamal and asked him about the difference between body building and physique. He shared lots of important information with us about both. He also talked about the newest trend, which is classic physique. Finally, he discussed the difference between their nutrition plans and exercising.

Can you tell us the difference between bodybuilding and physique? we asked.

Bodybuilding is easy to explain. It gives that huge body shape that youth nowadays don’t like’ ‘On the contrary, physique is, to put it in simple words, the ‘ the beach body’ shape. In the age of social media and modeling, more youth are moving towards physique.It is becoming more common in Egypt.

I also want to share with you the newest trend of them all which is ‘Classic Physique’. The difference between physique and classic physique is that physique is more about the upper body than it is about the lower body. But, Classic Physique focuses on lower part as well as the upper part. The contestants even wear shorts during classic physique competitions.

What about the nutrition plans?

The nutrition plans differ from bodybuilding to physique; in bodybuilding, they have the ‘bulk’ then the ‘definition’ and they eat lots of carbohydrates.’ but in physique, the nutrition plan is much more simple.

And exercising?

When it comes to exercising, the two are almost the same; usually people exercise to get stronger muscles or improve the shape of a certain body part. A good trainer will help you get there, no matter what your goal is.

Can you share with us some of the most famous champ names in both physique and bodybuilding?

‘Sure, in Physique, we have the champ Youssef Sawaby, he traveled to the states and won first place in classic physique and second in physique. We also have Seif Huessin who won first place in classic physique Musclemania’.

‘when it comes to bodybuilding, we have Attia shaalan, Ahmed Hamouda, Zakria, and Mohamed Hany the muscle mania champ’.

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