It’s Tanning Season

Tanning Season

So summer is officially here, everyone is almost tanned but what about the aftermath of tanning?


We are already stealing weekends by the beach or prepping for our annual vacations…. Everybody is getting a tan and taste of the salty sea breeze! But what about the aftermath of tanning; skin burns, and shedding skin.  Here are some experiments I’ve done that make you tan right and minimize shedding and burns.


For Dry Skin:

Toss that baby oil aside…. I know how good it smells and its special effects for tanning but seriously they invented tanning oil with SPF for a reason. No matter what your skin type is you have to use an SPF tanning oil; there are various tanning oil brands that provide you with proper SPF so you can soak in the sun as much as you want. (If you like feeling roasted go ahead!)

What you should do:

  • Apply the tanning oil generously on your body ( Recommended is Carrot oil for an amazing bronze color, skin protection, and amazing moisturizing effects)
  • Sit in the sun for about 20 minutes on each side (That time period can only be defined by you, you know your skin)
  • Don’t forget that cooling dip in the water before you flip onto the other side of your body


Moisture, moisture, moisture…. Keep your skin highly moisturized after you’re back to the city. (For dry skin all petroleum jelly products will work wonders for you! Just use moisturizers with moderation and right after the shower when your skin is still damp.)


For Sensitive Skin:

What you should do:

  • Before going into the sun use a tanning oil with a very high SPF. Try only the sun that’s from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm as it’s very beneficial for your skin and it’s not too hot that it could burn you.
  • Try to always cool yourself by swimming and then taking some time off in the shade.
  • Make sure your skin moisturizer has Aloe Vera in it as a major component, it will cool, soothe and protect your skin from sunburns.



So Rock on your kicker tan and have a great summer y’all!

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