Jennifer Hudson’s story of dropping from size 16 to size 6

Jennifer Hudson

We all aspire to be like superstars, how they look like, how they dress themselves up but we always fail at following their eating habits and their lifestyle. If you want to look like a celebrity you have to act like her or him as well to get what you pay for!


It’s all about the healthy way, once you go there it becomes your lifestyle; you can never go back to what you were.

The healthy way that Hudson has been through combines only two essential things; a balanced diet and gym exercises. She dropped from size 16 to 6 without any miracles; all with proper dieting and exercise!

Hudson cleared out to other sources that she is happy with what she has achieved and she thinks that starving yourself will eventually deprive you from enjoying life.

Hudson is now satisfied with her body and doesn’t plan to lose any more pounds. She owes it all back to the celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak who incorporated an intense gym exercises with her diet plan. The workout plan included 25-minute circuit-training routine of cardio, lunges, shoulder presses, and abs exercise, five days a week.

She surprised everyone and surpassed all expectations when she worked her way up to 50-minute routines along with extra 25 minutes of cardio. She doesn’t want to be skinny; she loves keeping her curves.

What we learn from Hudson’s weight loss story is to accept the idea that radical change is possible and achievable; it’s all about determination!


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