Jenny Osman Holistically and Changing Lives through Soul Wellness

Jenny Osman

Jennifer Osman, a wellness and health advocate and coach, certified nutritionist, co-founder of Soul kitesurfing and founder of Soul wellness, walks us through her journey towards helping others become their best self. Follow through Jenny’s history, ideals, inspiration and vision!

Kitesurfing to Wellness

Jenny Osman Soul Kite Surfing

Jenny Co-founded Soul Kitesurfing with her husband in 2009, Sherif (Jenny’s husband) has been kitesurfing since 2006, while she first hit it off in 2010. Soul Kitesurfing, which started small on a magical beach, inspired Jenny to create Soul Wellness. Jenny admired how Soul kitesurfing allowed people to experience something different and extreme in a place where the wind is astounding and the sea is incredible!

The foundation of 12 years of Soul

Jenny Osman Soul Kite Surfing

Jenny started practicing yoga in 2013, she took her teacher training in 2015 in London, and three others in Bali, India, and Italy; She is a 700 hours yoga certified teacher. Besides yoga, Jenny is Also a nutritionist (for nearly 2 years now), she studied nutrition, health coach nutrition with the IIN (Institute of integrated nutrition), precision nutrition, and hormone health with IIN. I’ve also studied meditation and breathing techniques.

I Love helping people out, that’s why I joined the world of yoga and nutrition, I believe people should help and guide each other in this world. I love to notice how people feel mentally and physically better after my yoga sessions, mentally calmer and physically relaxed.”

“The world is stressful, you wanna help people balance their bodies, minds and souls”

Holistically Yours,

Jenny Osman Soul Kite Surfing

“I enjoy nutrition and health coaching with IIN because they have a holistic approach towards nutrition, and that is how I believe nutrition should be handled, holistically. I love cooking, and so I always am interested in making and baking yummy and healthy food, proving that this combination is possible and beyond magical.

I am currently halfway through my PT course, and I’m very excited about adding that to my toolkit by which I can help others. I love helping, guiding and influencing people as much as I can, and in any way or multiple ways possible, to watch other become their higher selves and create better habits. “

Soul; 2019

Jenny Osman Soul Kite Surfing

“I created soul wellness to provide a bit of everything: Yoga, meditation, nutrition, and holistic health, and when I complete my PT course, I will be able to aid people in a more inclusive way. I chose “Soul” from Soul Kitesurfing because I’ve noticed that kitesurfing influenced people’s lives completely. After their encounter with kitesurfing, people fell in love with the experience.”

Soul On

Jenny Osman Soul Kite Surfing

Soul’s vision is to become a wellness brand that creates and hosts retreats, focusing altogether on what a person needs physically, mentally and spiritually transform to the best version of themselves. It will take time, to give provide full commitment, and years of meticulous studies. “Bit by bit I see it slowly growing more and more.”

Soul kitesurfing influenced soul wellness. It all started in April 2009, a cozy kitesurfing center offering yoga and hosting a restaurant started to grow, and “Soul” started to flow between the mind, body and soul!

“The best six doctors anywhere – and no one can deny it – are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.”

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