Jessie El-Deeb, Rhythmic Gymnast and Coach

Jess Deeb

Jessie El Deeb is a 26 years old lady who is hitting the ground, running, and achieving significant milestones at such a young age. During her childhood, her parents discovered her talent of forming dance moves syncing with the rhythm. This discovery was Jessie’s first step towards being an Olympic rhythmic gymnast. Rhythmic gymnastics isn’t at all as swift as it looks, it requires a great deal of multitasking skill, coordination, and is a very challenging type of sport.

The Rhythm

Jess Deeb

“Imagine music, rhythm, dance moves, it’s out of this world. You are somewhere else creating a beautiful performance out of movements that blend with the music. As much as it is challenging, it supported my current lifestyle. I needed to be consistent, stay committed and have a healthy lifestyle besides my studies.”

Jessie’s family are a main pillar in the creation of the person she is today, her mom has been supporting her in her daily 3 to 5 hours training, as well as in her studying. She has been there for her in every team training, and national and international cups and championships.

Youth Olympics

courage and hard work led Jessie to join the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, where she won a silver medal in group exercise. In the 2009 Kiev world cup, Jessie ranked 8th in hoop apparatus the Rhythmic gymnastics individual playing. At that time, she was breaking a record in the Egyptian team for Rhythmic gymnastics. These achievements inspired and motivated Jessie to train harder and move forward!

Jess Deeb

Jessie played as an individual and as part of the team, as she got through high school and university, she thought about quitting multiple times, however she had a vision and wanted to make it happen. Jessie started to learn to manage her time effectively in order to achieve the success she aims to achieve.

Medals and cups

“I thought about quitting a couple of times, but I didn’t, I joined the team and I joined as an individual, both, which was very intense in training, solo and in group. I ended up training every day for almost 8 hours. I knew it was worth it. The most challenging thing was managing school and training. With the German system, it was inflexible, I still managed to get a scholarship in school and university. I was able to join world championships, and win world medals in different apparatus 3rd and 2nd, and 1st places. “

Together we sync

Jess Deeb

In 2014, there was a qualification test to choose who will continue in a team and who will go on solo (only first 2), Jessie came 3rd and couldn’t go solo in the Olympics.” It was really sad for me, I wanted to go individually, however it was lifechanging to go and compete with a group. People come from all over the world to see team synchronization, harmony, and coordination in teams of rhythmic gymnastics. “

“My team and I represented Egypt in many championships, ranking high to qualify for the Olympics. We made history at the Youth Olympic Games through the African championship in 2009, we qualified for the youth Olympic games, winning a silver medal with group exercise. We competed alongside 15 other teams! As we camped in Russia before we competed, we got the most praiseworthy comment ever“ you’re the second Russian team”, which is the best compliment given Russia is the queen of rhythmic gymnastics. “

Best woman award

Jess Deeb

“After the Olympics, I took the best women award in 2010, the first women award presented in the world. From there, I decided to continue in group exercise. Together, we participated in a world championship in 2015 in Stuttgart which qualified us for the Rio Olympics 2016.  We were also qualified before to London 2012, but weren’t so lucky to go either! In Stuttgart we needed to rank in the top 16. The competition was really hard, we ranked 17th. I quit after that and I started coaching in the Gezira club for 2 to 3 years. I was in GUC at that time. I did my pre-masters in Berlin, and wanted to coach kids there.”

Tokyo 2020

Jess Deeb

 “ I was asked to coach the first team and prepare it to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It sounded like a challenge to be responsible to create a team spirit and prepare the girls for different championships all happening in a 6 months’ time. We camped in Bulgaria, where we had the world championship and won in 2018. The team later qualified for Tokyo 2020, where they skillfully competed! ”I was coaching but wasn’t part of the team, I decided my time is over, and I’ve already got my share in it. I worked so hard to let the girls reach their dreams, and that was more than enough for me.”


Jess Deeb

Because I’m an athlete, I couldn’t sit still, I started training fitness, trying my way through different hubs. In 2018 Aly Mazhar asked me to join befit. I took an AFTP diploma alongside the courses I took with gymnastics. I am still with befit up to this moment, and I’ve also managed to open a new rhythmic gymnastics academy with a partner, so I coach and train now!

I’m fond of risks and challenges, and I’m pretty sure they’ll never run out and I’m certain they’ll never stop paying-off!

As a person I love life with all it has to bring, I enjoy every single moment of it whether I am working, playing sports or any of my other hobbies. I am a very spiritual person who connects with nature, loves exploring new stuff, cities and getting to know people. One of my favorite ways to recharge is to travel. Every now and then I take myself to a new place where I can completely disconnect from the world and connect with nature. Between my corporate job to BeFit to RG academy and my training a lot of times. I get drained and this is when I stop, take a deep breath and recharge to continue hitting the ground.

Jess Deeb

To all the athletes out there, don’t give up on sports, stay dedicated, put the goal ahead of you, and keep pushing forward towards it no matter what, BUT remember to stay balanced as this is the most important thing I see. Try to keep your life balanced as much as you can; and do not forget that life happens aside from sports.

Risk it to get the biscuit!

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