Jobs in the morning and fit at night: 17 athletes who lead double-lives

Fitness Double Lives

Bahaa El Brolosy

Bahaa Brolosy

Baha Brolosy


Morning: Mechatronics Engineer
Night: A trainer, athlete, and a Co-founder at Fitiology.
Time management tip: Prioritize wisely

Omar Mohsen

Omar MohsenOmar Mohsen Work


Morning: Marketing Manager in one of the mobile operators
Night: A L2 CrossFit Coach at Engine 38. He coaches and trains daily at the box. He is also a father and a husband.
Time management tip: Take control of your day. Highlight your goals every day. Try to be as efficient as possible to achieve them.

Mahmoud Shanan



Morning: Project Manager at Ferrometlaco Construction Steel
Night: Athlete at Silvergiant
Time management tip: Waking up early is great for the body. It gives you all the energy you need. Having a specific meal schedule is also helpful; you need to have an early breakfast, snacks, then launch 3 hours before your workout and a cup of coffee. Adding carbs to the meals helps you train better. It’s important to wait 2 hours after your dinner to go to bed. 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is important for recovery.

Mike Charl

Mike Carl Mike Carl

Morning: Surgical oncology resident in the National Cancer Institute in Cairo
Night: Used to be a trainer and now an athlete at different places like Fit Factory, Hustle, Stars, Monkey Bars, and Hit.
Time management tip: I have a quick breakfast, coffee, and 30 minutes of quiet time to get ready for the long day ahead. Time is never the limiting factor, but rather inspiration and motivation. You can always squeeze one more thing to do if you have the heart for it.

Ahmed Diaa

Ahmed Diaa Ahmed Diaa

Morning: IT Technical Project manager
Night: Trainer and athlete at Hit Egypt
Time management tip: Allocate a start and end timings for everything whether work, coaching, training. Stick to your schedule even if you are not done. With time, you will learn how to prioritize your tasks and avoid what wastes your time.

Omar Fahmy

Omar Fahmy Omar Fahmy

Morning: Sales Operations Manager at Dell EMC
Night: Athlete at Fit Garage, New Cairo
Time management tip: Plan your day ahead, get good sleep and nutrition to be able to survive the day, and start your day as early as you can. I wake up as early as 5 AM, get done with my workout early and have the rest of the day to work and accomplish my other plans. This way I ensure that I never skip my daily workout.

Alia Tork

Alia Tork Alia Tork

Morning: Digital Marketing Manager in a Real Estate company
Night: Trainer at CrossFit Stars
Time management tip: Sleep and wakeup on time, write to-do lists, dedicate time to train and you will get everything done.

Noura Hathout

Noura Hathout

Morning: Junior Legal Counsel at Unilever
Night: Ex-coach at Hit Egypt, does yoga a lot in her terrace, lifts twice per week in Alexandria Sporting Club.
Time management tip: Time management is key to everything we do in life. If you commit to using every second of your day towards what we want to reach, this is when we can be successful and achieve things. Stay determined and trust always your journey.

Amgad Harvey

Amgad HarvyAmgad Work


Morning: A full-time dentist and has his own dental clinic.
Night: The head coach at Hit Egypt, Concord Plaza Branch. He also trains there. He coaches 3 times per week in the afternoon and the other 3 days he coaches in the morning as well as gives private training till 10 am. He trains every day before heading to his clinic.
Time management tip: Wake up early and have a fixed schedule. You will find the time to pursue your dreams and passion.

Omar Essam

Omar EssamOmar Essam

Morning: Dentist
Night: Trainer at Hit Egypt, Hilton Branch
Time management tip: I Give 100% of my focus to what I am doing at the moment (either being a doctor or coaching) and dedicate my time to it.

Abdelrahman Rashed

Abdel Rahman Rashed

Abdel Rahman Rashed

Morning: Senior Protection Assistant at the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees.
Night: Coach and train at BeFit
Time management tip: You need to understand that you will sacrifice a lot. Believe that it is doable. Just double the work, double planning, and triple effort. Prioritize what’s really important and eliminate distractions. Be flexible. Not all of your days will go according to plan. Only change what you can control and let go of what you can’t. Have fun with it. Cut the whining and really follow your gut feeling. Don’t forget to be humble. Being blessed enough to do lots of things shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Dalia Badrawi


Morning: Co-owner in Engine 38. She coaches her class and train in the morning. She also runs an NGO called CONTROL to help raise awareness for diabetes. Dalia is a type 1 diabetic and is living her life trying to raise awareness for diabetes by being an example.
Night: The afternoons are dedicated to her family. She is a mother of 3 girls.
Time management tip: Organize your time in advance and be realistic with what you can fit in one day.

Shaza El Qersh

Shaza El Qersh

Shaza El Qersh

Morning: Corporate Lawyer
Night: Athlete at CrossFit Stars
Time management tip: Wake up early and sleep early

Sara El Shafei

Sara El-Shafei Sara El-Shafei

Morning: A banker
Night: She is an expert gymnastics coach currently working at shooting club and had been a coach for the Egyptian National Team. She is a former gymnast and currently a CrossFit athlete at CrossFit Engine 38.
Time management tip: Maintain your passion and motivation. That is the only thing that can get you through 8-9 hours at the office and keep you going to help young girls learn more about the sport I grew up loving. This also helps me stay in shape for my recent sport of choice, CrossFit.

Omar Zaghloul

Omar Zaghlol

Omar Zaghlol

Morning: He runs a company.
Night: Trainer at CrossFit Stars. He considers himself an athlete before being a trainer.
Time management tip: Plan weekly. Plan for leisure time as well. it is extremely important.

Khaled Azoz

Khaled Azouz Khaled Azouz

Morning: Senior Marketer in Orange Egypt
Night: Trainer and athlete at Ignite
Time management tip: Set priorities and choose what to do in your day and I believe you will find the time.

Khaled Nagy

Khaled Nagi

Khaled Nagi

Morning: Financial Manager in Hit Advertising Agency. He also has his own office as ‘Certified Accountant & Auditor’ registered since 30/10/2013.
Night: Athlete at Silvergiants
Time management tip: Set a weekly plan for your workouts and you will be able to manage all of this.



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