Jumping Fitness

Jumping Fitness

Jump off your weight

It’s insane, it’s new and it’s fun! Have you ever thought that you can lose weight, get your body in shape, and have fun all at once? Sure you haven’t, but now you can do all these 3 together…

It’s jumping that we are talking about, yes! Jumping can do it all. Jumping is three times more effective than jogging. This is due to the constant gravitational changes, which involve more than 400 muscles being tightened and relaxed at the same time.

Especially if your child is somehow overweight, sure you don’t want him to suffer from deprivation of fun all the way through dieting and harsh exercise.

Let’s know how it works as an exercise…

The workout contains different sets of exercise which guarantees that your whole body will be strengthened. It’s a combination of fast and slow jumps, variations of traditional aerobic steps, and dynamic sprints.

The jumping trampoline

After a series of tests to determine its efficiency, it has shown a complicated compromise between strength, size, safety demands, design and the need for freedom of movement during training.

It has a durable meanwhile flexible fabric that allows it to withstand maximum burdens.

Give it a try it’s addictive!

Sample Video

Where can you find it?

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