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Karim Sobhy is a multi-talented actor who has recently starred at the TV series “The Affair” on Shahid platform. Harboring a great passion for working out that reflected on his lifestyle, he desired to express the importance of working out in relation to the show and entertainment business. Here are his perceptions.


Karim Sobhy

Being sporty and athletic has a positive effect on boosting your popularity. Without knowing it, you already get a platform of followers who look up to you, which carries its merits for your acting career.

Being a good example

Karim Sobhy

To be a popular star for many fans doesn’t only mean that you are a shining source of entertainment for them. Subconsciously, you impact those people’s thoughts and behaviors. Hence, being athletic and leading a positive lifestyle means leading those people to into a healthy lifestyle and into nourishing their health, and this is one of the ways where the entertainment world can be en effective living message wrapped in the form of art.

A successful example of that is Mark Wahlberg. He has a certain lifestyle of workout and sleep routines and nutrition plans that many people have felt inspired by and have even followed.

More Opportunities 

Being fit and always in shape could pump up your career with success as it opens the door for action and stunt roles. “What if you are needed for such a role? Would you still wait for weeks to practice and get into shape? Why not be always ready?” Karim said. He advises that one should always workout and it is even better if he could practice another sport besides working out. “It would always reward you personally before rewarding your acting career.”

His lifestyle 

Karim Sobhy

And when asked about his lifestyle, Karim stated that he goes to the gym everyday for bodybuilding training. Throughout the year, he has an on-season where he gets on a strict diet of high protein intake and low sugar and carbohydrates, and an off-season where he still trains but messes up his nutrition plan.

“Working out has ameliorated my body, my mind, my wellbeing, and every aspect of my life,” stated Karim.

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