Kcal, The Healthy Fast Food Crave.


Healthy food means deprivation of all types and varieties of the delicious mouthwatering junk food; this is what mainly each of us believe is true. When you are dieting, you immediately set your mind to cut out your bad eating habits, go all green and grilled.

Well we have a pleasant surprise for every junk food junkie! You will no longer have to give up your cravings for junk food as now there are healthy junk food restaurants that fill the gap between healthy and fast food without sacrificing the taste.


Kcal is an experience that you have to live; it takes the world of junk food to a whole new level. You won’t have to beat yourself up after every fast food meal anymore, because they have an extensive healthy menu that serves a wide range of dishes from all over the world; starters, salads, sandwiches, burgers, shakes and of course they didn’t forget about desserts for those who have a sweet tooth; all with very reasonable prices.

What moves them forward is the responsibility of encouraging everyone to “eat well, be well”.

What makes Kcal unique?

“Each dish has been carefully created to comprise a perfect combination of energizing carbs, complete proteins, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals.”

They have their own special nutrition guide which informs you with how many calories and how much fat, protein and carbs that every meal contains.

Recommended for you to try

I personally found the chicken stay skewers very good as a starter, for the main dish I ordered red beef curry which was extremely delicious, for those who have a thing for spicy food I promise you will fall in love with that dish, as for the dessert you should try the Kcal brownie. This place is worth trying!

Where can you find Kcal?


37 Syria Street, Mohandsein

Sheraton Heliopolis branch is opening soon


Call them on:



Stay tuned for more healthy food restaurants reviews.

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