Kickstart Your 2023 Fitness Goals With These Top 15 nutritionists

Top Nutritionest to follow on instagram

Nutritionists know that many people stereotype diets as depriving themselves of all the comfort foods that bring happiness after a long work day. While it’s true that certain foods need to be limited to achieve your desired shape, it’s possible to enjoy the same flavors and tastes with healthier, lower-calorie options. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 nutritionists on Instagram to follow. These experts will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need for a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste.

Dr. Mai Gamal

Dr Mai Gamal

About: Dr. Mai is an Issa certified nutritionist and health coach.

Coach Fady Hany

Fady Hany

About: Coach Fady is a Nutrition Coach and an Eating Psychology Coach.

Dr. Sandra Makary

Dr. Sandra Makary

About: Dr. Sandra is a certified nutritionist from Oxford, UK and also a recipe developer and a cooking instructor.

Dr. Omar Mamdouh

Omar Mamdouh Nutrition

About: Dr. Omar owns Oxygen clinics. He is also a performance nutritionist, ISSN. 

Dr. Noura Hasabala 

Noura Hasaballa

About: Dr. Noura is a Clinical nutritionist (Northern Illinois University), IIN Certified Health Coach
Certified Health Professional (Oakton Community College), Licensed food safety and Sanitation (State of Illinois department of Public Health)
and Certified NLP practitioner (American Board)

Dr. Nihal El koshairy

Dr Nihal El koshairy

About: Dr. Nihal is a Canadian certified nutritionist.

Dr. Sara Shawky

Sara shawky

About: Dr. Sara is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist (BPS).

Dr. Waad Amin

Dr waad amin

About: Dr. Waad is a nutritionist who also has a wellness application.

Dr. Rana Magdy

Rana magdy

About: Dr. Rana is a nutritionist at Bloom Diet Clinic and an associate professor at Misr International University.

Dr. Shrouk Ali

Dr Shrouk Ali

About: Dr. Shrouk is a pharmacist, having a Nutrition and Healthcare diploma.

Dr. Carina Yousef

Carine yousef

About: Dr. Carina is a licensed dietitian from Lebanese American University.

Dr. Rasha El Baramawy

Rasha Baramawy

About: Dr. Rasha built a 3-month diet plan that is very effective, bringing great results.

Dr. Rawnaa El Sayed

Dr rawnaa

About: Dr. Rawnaa is a certified nutritionist who also shares her healthy recipes on her page, Dr Rawnaafitmeals.

Dr. Sara El Zeheiry

Sara El Zeheiry

About: Dr. Sara is a pharmacist and a nutritionist.

Sherifa El Nahas

Sherifa El Nahas

About: Dr. Sherifa is a certified nutritionist and a personal trainer.

Don’t wait, take action now and book a session or schedule an online consultation with one of the best nutritionists. You’ll be on your way to enjoying delicious, low-calorie recipes and achieving your health and wellness goals. So don’t delay, book now and start your journey to a healthier you today!

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