Taste Meets Health: Top 18 Nutritionists to Follow in 2024

Top Nutritionest 2024

In a world where diets are often associated with deprivation, we understand the struggle to balance health and the desire for comforting flavors. Fear not, as the journey to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean bidding farewell to taste. In fact, it’s about embracing delicious alternatives that nourish your body. To guide you through this flavorful transformation, we’ve curated a list of the top 18 nutritionists on Instagram. These experts are here to show you how to relish the joys of food while making mindful choices for your well-being.

Dr. Mai Gamal

mai gamal

About: Dr. Mai is an Issa certified nutritionist and health coach.

Dr. Sandra Makary

About: Dr. Sandra is a certified nutritionist from Oxford, UK and also a recipe developer and a cooking instructor.

Dr. Omar Mamdouh

About: Dr. Omar owns Oxygen clinics. He is also a performance nutritionist, ISSN. 

Dr. Noura Hasabala 

Noura Hasaballa

About: Dr. Noura

Nutrition Consultant, CHC, CHP – Northern Illinois University
B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics / M.S. Human Microbiome Health

Dr. Sara Shawky

sara shawki

About: Dr. Sara is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist (BPS).

Dr. Waad Amin


About: Dr. Waad is a nutritionist who also has a wellness application.

Dr. Rana Magdy

rana magdy

About: Dr. Rana is a nutritionist at Bloom Diet Clinic and an associate professor at Misr International University.

Dr. Carina Yousef

Carine yousef

About: Dr. Carina is a licensed dietitian from Lebanese American University.

Dr. Rasha El Baramawy

rasha baramawy

About: Dr. Rasha built a 3-month diet plan that is very effective, bringing great results.

Sherifa El Nahas

Sherifa El Nahas

About: Dr. Sherifa is a certified nutritionist and a personal trainer.

Shady Labib

shady Labib

About: Dr. Shady has a Masters in Nutrition, ANutr, and PNL2.

Asmaa Hesham

asmaa hesham

About: Dr. Asmaa is a Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach.

Nermin Gamal

nermin gamal

About: Dr. Nermin is a Certified Nutritionist & Fat-loss Specialist.

Dalia Heggy

dalia heggy

About: Dr. Dalia is a PN Certified Nutrition Coach.

Dina Atout

dina atout

About: Dr. Dina is Hormonal Balance and Emotional Eating Coach, THSA Nutritional Therapist, and an ISSA FN, PT, and Exercise Therapist.

Sara Yassin

sara yassin

About: Dr. Sara is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist HIPH and an ISSA Health Coach.

Nada Koura

nada koura

About: Dr. Nada is an ISSA Certified Nutritionist.

Nada Harfoush

nada harfoush

About: Dr. Nada is a Health Coach and a Therapeutic Nutritionist.

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