Kids and veggies

Kids Viggies

Most of the kids don’t like to eat vegetables; they always find pizza and junk food a lot tastier. Here comes your role as a mother to get your kids to love veggies. Let the creative part inside you rule to introduce and serve vegetables to your children.

Have fun with your kids in the kitchen

While doing your grocery shopping involve your children with you. When it’s cooking time; allow them to participate in washing and peeling the vegetables so that they would be excited to taste their input when you’re done.

Offer veggies in their favorite foods

Pizza for instance is every child’s favorite food, so why not make use of this by sneaking different types of vegetables in their pizza.


Kids Meals

Shape their veggies

Make fun with veggies by making shapes of faces and animals.

Never force them on eating veggies

Why do you put yourself through the emotional drama? Accept the fact that there will be foods they are not going to eat, instead think smart about it.

Serve Veggies and Dip

Try out an interesting dip like Hummas can add great taste to the vegetables.

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