L-Glutamine-SR From MHP Product Review


A glutamine supplement manufactured by MHP; one of the most trusted companies due to its unprecedented technologies with detailed scientific postulate.

This product contains glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid found in the muscle tissue, as it is needed by body specially after physical effort or athletic performance.


  • Special about it (what does it do):

Did you know that 60%of your muscle tissue is glutamine based ? This piece of info is enough for you to know what it is all about. This is one of the must have supplements to promote lean muscle gains and supports proper recovery which we can add it to the supplements “ESSENTIALS” I mentioned before. Any athlete of any type should consume L-Glutamine not only for muscular gains but also to guarantee proper performance and most important to avoid injuries or muscle strains.

  • Product benefits over the others (Why MHP’s glutamin-SR)

70% of the regular glutamine products you might be purchasing are utilized by stomach and intestines , leaving only 30% to the muscle tissues, leaving you in a muscle wasting state (catabolism) and the sad thing is you might not be aware of it. Unlike the one and only MHP’s Glutamine-SR’s micro-feed technology introduces the unprecedented 100% L-gliutamine utilization, for ultra-anabolism or in a more precise description anti-catabolism state that keeps the muscle fed for an entire half day, via saving the glutamine completely to the muscle tissue.

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