Lead Actors Who Aced Their Physique In Ramadan 2019

Mosalsalat Ramadan Hogan

Another round of TV drama hit our TVs over a week ago. Now that we have seen a few episodes here and there, it’s time to contribute with feedback. Which actors you think did the best job this year, fitness-wise? We think these three aced it.

‘Hogan’ by Mohamed Adel Emam

Two years away from Ramadan marathon and now he is back with lots of shirtless fight scenes. We can only imagine the hard work and hours of training Mohamed Adel Emam had to put into ‘Hogan’. After all, the show is about a strong young man with superpowers. And the name is inspired by the Wrestler Hulk Hogan. Mohamed Adel Emam’s personal trainer is Mo Naga, the celebrity trainer.

‘Lams Aktaf’ by Yasser Galal

After his ultimate success in Ramadan 2018, Yasser Galal strikes with ‘Lams Ketaf’ this year. The show is about a boxer who uses his physical strength in criminal activities. What is with Ramadan and wrestling this year, we don’t know. Long story short, he has to engage in lots of fights with gangs. Hard work paid off for him, that’s for sure. Yasser Galal also trains with the celebrity trainer Mo Naga.

‘Kalabsh 3’ by Amir Karara

What’s harder than building a good body is maintaining it. This year, Amir Karara is back with the 3rd season of his very well-received TV series, Kalabsh. It must have been very hard to maintain such a flawless physique for over three years. Right?

‘Zelzal’ – Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan is the leading actor of Zelzal, a show inspired by the 1992 earthquake. The show can be emotional, but a shirtless Mohamed Ramadan will make up for it. We think he did such a fantastic job this year.

‘Mo Naga’ – Celebrity Trainer

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