Learn How To Set Your Fitness Goals For The New Year

Fitness Goals

Sometimes life keeps us busy that we might become far off our goals, if you don’t know how to plan for your fitness goals in the new year, Here are 5 tips to help you set your 2016 fitness goals:

1. Be Realistic

Consider how much time your goal will take, and the schedule of your day. Think of frequency of your goal, consider that you want to head to the gym 5 times a week, and you only have free time after your work two days a week, then you have to be realistic and set your goals according to your free time, if you have two free days only, then try to exercise for longer space of time each day.

2. Focus on your goal

Define what you want to reach this year? Do you want to lose more weight? Eat healthy? Be a gym freak? Build more muscles? Define what your goal is first in order to turn this goal into attainable plan.

3. Set Specific Goals

Your goals need to be very specific, if you want to lose weight, then you have to set a plan to reach that goal, would you exercise at home or at the gym? For example, Would you attend specific workout classes or you will just perform your cardio exercise? How many times a week will you exercise? And for which duration? All these questions need to be answered.

4. Measure Your Performance

Set yourself measurable goals, for example if you want to lose 20 Kgs, then you have to divide them on a weekly basis in order to measure how successful you were in attaining your weekly goal.

5. Be Accountable

Stick to the goals you set, and be committed to what you promised yourself. Reward yourself when you reach part of your goals and take a stand if you missed something planned.

If you applied those tips, your new year will be full of accomplishments.

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