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The Jungle Games of Monkey Bars are back again on the 28th of April hammering on last year’s success and continuing in the same objective.

The idea of the event came as a way to celebrate the anniversary of CrossFit Monkey Bars with a fitness competition. Monkey Bars concept in organizing such competition was quite different. They didn’t choose to hold a competition for professional athletes with high standards of rivalry. However, they decided to tailor something mainly for fitness enthusiasts giving them an opportunity to compete in a competition organized in a professional way where they are evaluated by certified judges, encouraged by coaches, and receiving medals.

Jungle Games

Being distinguished by a location in The International School of Elite Education, Jungle Games goes along with the mission of Monkey Bars to spread awareness about the importance of fitness and healthy lifestyle among all family members. The Games are divided into teams and teams play more than one hit that include different workouts and winners will awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, branded gifts and vouchers from sponsors.

Jungle Games

2017 event seeks the attendance of more than 200 registered athletes to the competition, more than 50 CrossFit Monkey Bars members between coaches, judges, and athletes, the school staff, parents, and students, as well as many of the prominent fitness gurus in town.

Jungle Games

Jungle Games are a very good opportunity to go test your skills based on realistic measurements for non-professionals, get introduced to the fitness community, and have fun.

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Jungle Games


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