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Healthy food is not given the proper attention from almost all restaurants; in Egypt we think of salads as an appetizer, that no one will have salad as a main course or that it could never fill the hunger of an empty stomach.

Lettuceat is there to change this! You can now rely on salad to replace one of your essential meals; with the wide variety of salads it offers you can even have salad for lunch!

Lettuceat makes a full meal out of what you think is just salad. A salad there contains vegetables, carbs, and proteins; every salad comes with its special healthy ingredients not to mention the mouthwatering dressings they have. What else do you wish for in your nutrition plan?

They don’t only offer salads! Out there you can find wraps, sandwiches, soups, desserts and drinks. All are served to you carefully with low calories and healthy components. You can spend a whole day there and go home guilt and gluten free.

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I enjoyed how the place is small meanwhile cozy, the main color in there is white which was one of the reasons why I liked the decorations a lot as white is my favorite color, its location in Zamalek also got my admiration perfect in mornings. Everything there is so fresh and healthy. I tried ‘Italy’s finest’ in salads; which I cannot find any salad that can be compared to it so far; the mix of merging pasta and sausage all together with salad blew my mind away. A friend of mine tried ‘Mehico Chicken Wrap’ that came in fresh brown wrap bread, the marinated chicken inside the wrap was really tasty along with the rest of the delicious wrap components.

In desserts we both had ‘Smooth Granola desire’ which we cannot get over whenever we think of something sweet and healthy. The prices there are considered reasonable for getting quality healthy food.

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Zamalek : 15 A Mansour Mohamed Street


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