Lose Weight While You’re Dining Out

Lose Weight While You’re Dining Out

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you should stay home so that you can stick to your nutrition plan. You can dine out with your friends and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the setting. Sure now you’re wondering how is it even possible when the temptations around you never cease to exist!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your food and time:

Check Before Any Step

If the restaurant you are going to has an online menu, check it out before you go. Make your choice and call in advance to ask about the food ingredients, how they cook it and whether they are okay to cook it your way.

Menu Choose what to eat

Warm Up

Have a small healthy snack before leaving the house, so you won’t fall into the trap of the 500 calorie chips basket. Instead you can have a handful of nuts or a small protein bar.

Go First

Place your order first! It’s a smart move when you’re on a diet, as it helps you stick to what you’ve planned to have before heading to the restaurant.

Toppings Come At The Top Of The List!

Only if you want to gain some extra weight then you should go for toppings and special sauces. Learn how to eat without them, we all know they add great taste to every meal but also they add pounds to your body.



Choose Your Side Carefully

Steamed veggies, steamed veggies, steamed veggies! They know how to fill up your stomach without filling you out. If you’d prefer some mashed potatoes, have it plain baked over. Normally butter and milk are added to mashed potatoes, but this is something you should let go of if you care about your waistline.

Warm up


Watch Out For What You Drink

Go for anything unsweetened. Water and unsweetened tea are your best picks! Make sure that all the drinks you ask for are sugar-free.

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