Lousiana Faaberg’s Healing Journey Inside and Out

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In the spirit of women’s empowerment month, we bring to you a story about a woman, inspired to inspire! Meet Lousiana Faaberg, a lady who walked through and out of a knocked down self esteem to find the best version of herself on the other side! Read along to know her story and life-long strive!

Who is Lousiana Faaberg?

“I’m a half Egyptian, half Norwegian lady. I’ve always been into sports from a young age; I played handball, swimming, basketball, ballet, and I attended a lot of dance classes. I was very fond of being active, I love the energy of athletics!”

A swim Ago

Louisana Farag

“For a period of time, I got hooked on swimming and took it professionally. I was part of a Norwegian swimming team, swimming and training 4 hours a day. It was something I took seriously for 9 years hoping I’d be able to attend the Olympics one day, that was my dream, but when I came to Egypt, I wasn’t able to continue with the Egyptian team due to my nationality. I stopped swimming and that took a bit of a toll on me. “

The Life-long Strive

Louisana Farag

“Being strong and having a healthy body is something I’ve always strived for since I was young. I used to be extremely thin, and actually, got bullied a lot for the way my body looked. Being called toothpick or you look like a pencil, and that sort of stuff. It really knocks down your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, especially when you’re a kid at school. I always felt I wasn’t good enough, and sadly I carried that thought with me into my twenties.”

The Journey; Inside Out

“Yoga plays a huge part in my fitness journey. I started yoga when I was 28. I’ve never been flexible, never understood how important it is to be mindful, present and most importantly, I learned that yoga isn’t just about all the fun poses, it’s more about my mind, my inner self, how I breathe, how I can calm myself when I get anxious or overthink, and how I can heal from within. 

Louisana Farag

Now in my thirties; I’ve never been stronger, never been more in love with my body and how I look. I’ve worked so hard these past years, for myself, not trying to prove anything to anyone, being healthy for me, loving me. My thirties are my best years. I’m taking care of myself mentally and physically, I’ve become an early bird, I hit the gym around 8/8:30 am, and I train 5 days a week. My goal is to keep myself strong and fit for as long as I can, while also being mindful of my inner work. “

The Message; The Purpose  

Louisana Farag

“For me, it’s about changing and bringing out the best version of yourself inside and out for you. You only have yourself for the rest of your life. This body. This mind. This soul. It’s yours to nourish and love. My personal take on anyone that’s having a hard time starting or staying motivated. Know that it’s a journey, a journey for you to discover more about yourself, and trust me there are days where I’m not able to keep going but that’s where I learn the most about myself. Be kind to yourself. We are all wanting that perfect body, but it doesn’t work that way. Be healthy, strive to be healthy, Inside and out.”

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