Love and Body Building

Love and Bodybuilding

When you are in love with the iron

And therein lies the crux of a gym rats / addicts relationship problems, lifting has an addictive appeal that not only makes it omnipresent in an athlete’s life but also the most important relationship in their life.

First and foremost let’s applaud inspirational fit couples as well as those who give their partner’s space to train and those that even support their partner’s athletic endeavors and all that entails.

Sadly tough single gym addicts are so common that this phenomenon has spawned a flurry of dating websites: Sweatt, Date Fitness Singles etc…. think Tinder for lifters, lets meal prep together! So why despite generally being fit and hot are so many gym addicts single? We’ve all seen the meme and had a chuckle: I’m not sure if I’m at the gym all the time because I’m single or I’m single because I’m at the gym all the time. Well, let’s look at the first throes of passion between two non gym obsessed adults.

Single at Gym

Dinner seems to be a prerequisite for dating, couples makes satellite conversation and take flirty glances at each other. Firstly if the gym rat works and has missed an evening workout to be with you he/she will have mixed emotions, whilst being overjoyed to be out with you the occasion will be tainted by querulously wondering about the workout he/she’s missing at the box.

In addition to this the gym rat may have met their macros for the day and be reluctant to indulge with you or alternatively they may opt to use the occasion to take a cheat meal – in which case the only recipient of their flirty glances will be the food itself. If it is their cheat meal expect: Mori sushi, Cold Stone Creamery, Cinnabon or a burger house to be their restaurant of choice.

Love Building

On to late nights in the club, coffee shop or on the phone. Your average gym rat may like to stay up every now and again but in general they know that recovery (sleeping) is pivotal to their progress so you can say adios to late nights and whispered sweet nothings as they hit the sack to wake up and hit legs.

What about the heavy texting that cements any modern relationship?

Most civilians respond to each other’s messages with lightening speed, constantly checking in and sending cheerful photos and jokes. When you text your gym rat they will probably be at work or engaged in their lengthy daily training sessions – so sorry you’ll have to wait until they’ve finished training, removed their sweaty Nike / Lulu Lemon ensemble and downed their post workout meal before they can reply ‘baby I miss you too’!

So if you’ve got a crush on a certain keen gym rat hopefully this will give you a little insight into winning them over. Remember that this article is tongue in cheek and the benefits of dating someone fit and performance orientated far outweigh the cons – passionate, goal orientated, committed and loyal are probably some of the traits you can expect from a lifter.

You could always share their passion for health and fitness, the gym is fun and suitable for men and women of all levels – maybe it’s time to invest in some new gym attire and search Cairo Gyms for your best fitness option.


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