Mahmoud Fekry, the man behind celebrities’ fitness

Mahmoud Fekry Celebs

Many of us follow celebrities on Instagram and get inspired by their workout pictures. But not all of us know what’s behind this. That’s why we came to Mahmoud Fekry, the certified trainer at Gold’s Gym Elite and nutritionist, who train a lot of celebrities to tell us what happens behind cameras’ lenses.


Training celebrities is a way easier


Unlike many people think, Fekry told us that he finds training celebrities easier than ordinary people because in contrast to what is widespread, when a celebrity choose to come to the gym to workout, he’s serious and has a goal to achieve, unlike some people who come just to spend time and show off. This makes them focus and follow the coach’s instructions. Many people claim that they do this for showing off, but he rarely found this with the celebrities he trains, many of them are not even interested to post a picture on Instagram while being in the gym.

Amr Saad was the hardest to train

Among the many celebrities, Fekry trained like Asala, Tarek El Erian, Ahmed Ezz, Asser Yassin, Ahmed Saad, and Khaled Selim, Amr Saad was the hardest. Fekry explained that Saad was very passionate about exercising, the problem was the time as he was busy with shoots, so he wasn’t able to commit to the workout time. This required Fekry to focus with him, do much follow up, and always contact him to get encouraged to come and workout. From Fekry’s point of view, Asser Yassin is the celebrity that has the fittest body nowadays, we think many girls would agree on this!

Whoever is brilliant in one thing, is brilliant in all


This is what Fekry believes when referring to Asala, one of his favorite celebrities trainees. He said that Asala is beautiful inside out and that she is a very hard worker. He added that during workouts, she reminds him of himself because whenever she starts exercising, she is very focused and persistent.

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