Malak Abdel-Shafie – Swimmer, African Record Holder & Paralympics Finalist!

Malak Shafei

The world is full of influencing women; and in the long list Malak Abdel-Shafie, African record holder, 50+ international and national medals winner, world youth medalist, and Paralympics finalist! Get ready to be awed by her determination!

What inspired you to become a fitness blogger?

“I started swimming as a part of my rehabilitation journey then it turned into a professional career.”

Tell us more about your journey.

The youngest swimmer

Malak Shafei

“I started swimming when I was 5 years old, I won my first medal then, it was a silver medal in the national championship in 2012. I joined the national team in 2014 as the youngest swimmer in the team, I was only 11 years old at that time. “

World championships

Malak Shafei

My first international championship was in Spain I won 1 gold and 2 silver medals, also being the youngest participant. I qualified for the world championship as the youngest swimmer in Egypt when I was 14 years old, in 2017. I won the first silver medal in Egypt in the World youth championship. In 2019 I broke the African record and qualified for the Paralympic games Tokyo2020 for the first time!

Paralympic games Tokyo 2020

Malak Shafei

In the Paralympic Games Tokyo2020 I was the first Egyptian female swimmer to qualify for the finals in history and I won 8th place!  Since then, I won 15 medals internationally and worldwide, more than 50 medals nationally, and I’m the African Record holder for 100m Breaststroke!!”

In your opinion, what is the most significant challenge women face when it comes to achieving their fitness goal?

Malak Shafei

“People always expect less from women, and coaches do not always take female athletes seriously.”

What advice do you have for women in their health and fitness journey?

Malak Shafei

“Fitness and sport must be the core of our life, not only an activity to perform every once in a while, it should be our lifestyle.”

What final message do you want to share for women empowerment month?

Malak Shafei

“If you have a goal, never give up, change your ways but not your destination!”

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