Malak El-Ghazaly Flows between Yoga and Coaching

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Meet Malak, a passionate Strength and conditioning coach, 200-hour yoga teacher, and a Graphic Designer. She is also an explorer who always has a never-ending desire to travel around and experience new parts of the world!  Malak finds pure joy in helping people get on their own path, and also in watching them achieve their goals and dreams. She enables people to break through habits and watch them commit to a life they’re passionate about.

Malak is driven by creativity; she is a firm believer in the power of movement and breath. Movement and breath can bring awareness to one’s mind and soul and help them connect with themselves and practice the art of self-belief; in the light of women empowerment month, let’s connect with Malak!

How did the journey start?

Malak Ghazaly

“I was always an active person ever since I was a kid, always playing around and jumping from one sport to the other. I do not remember a time in my life where I wasn’t playing a sport or hitting the gym. I’ve played all kinds of sports; from swimming to basketball to volleyball to handball until I tried tennis and I was hooked! it’s the only sport that I continued playing for almost 6 years until I started university and I unfortunately stopped.”

The CrossFit Scene 

Malak Ghazaly

“I was then introduced to CrossFit, and stayed in the CrossFit scene for about 5 years. I was so hooked with the industry that I started thinking of getting into coaching and becoming a coach, I remember one time I skipped a final exam at university just because there was a competition at the gym that I wanted to attend, that’s how much I was hooked with the entire scene. from that day I knew that I wanted to become a coach and nothing else. I didn’t want to be a graphic designer even though that’s what I studied in university and what I chose to major in. I love graphic design but coaching and helping people move better and improve their quality of life is something else, something I admire.

I decided to start coaching while studying and I knew that at that time, this is where I belong. After graduating from university, I tried pursuing my career in graphic design in parallel with coaching but it was getting super hard to pursue both and give both 100% of my effort and energy especially that my job was on the other side of the city, and it took me hours to commute. I started having zero energy for coaching and decided to drop it and focus on graphic design for a while, this was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I started losing myself, identity and in a blink of an eye I was someone that I didn’t recognize.”

 The Boomerang

Malak Ghazaly

“I was so lost and super mad all the time, it’s like I was a ticking bomb that’s about to explode at any second, all of this because I was forcing myself to live a life that doesn’t represent anything that I believe in. I started becoming super unhealthy, weak and I lost it all. One day I stood up and faced myself, I told myself that I need to take a leap of faith and just quit! It took me more than 6 months to be able to take the step and quit especially with the stability that corporate life offers, however, mentally I wasn’t even close to being stable, so I readjusted my priorities and put myself first; I just quit my job and graphic design altogether. 

Right after my resignation, I remember I got a phone call from a dear friend who was opening his own gym, I told him that I just quit and was ready to resume my coaching career and just like that I was back in the scene. Even though I was away from the coaching scene for almost two years, it still felt so right, and I still remember the first day I was back and how it felt until today. My CrossFit days were over ever since I focused on graphic design and when I was back in the scene I was more into strength and conditioning and more specific kind of training and coaching. I Completed my strength and conditioning certification level 1 and 2 from EPI afterwards and then kickstarted my yoga journey.”

The Yoga Chapter

Malak Ghazaly

“I always attended yoga classes every now and then, yet I never thought of teaching or becoming a yoga teacher.  I’ve always loved how it felt, how it was so different than the CrossFit and the fitness approach (being gentle on the body, listening to your body and move mindfully, and just enjoying the slow-paced life) something about it was extremely powerful and comforting, and it was definitely grabbing my attention. An unpleasant Incident has occurred in my life in 2019 (personal matter) and then I hit rock bottom afterwards, it was like everything went black. traveling was always my greatest therapy and a huge passion of mine, so I decided that I’ll travel and give myself an experience that will help me grow in all aspects of life and make me rise once again.

I went online, searched for yoga schools in India and booked.  By the end of the week, I was on the plane on my way to India having no clue what’s in store for me or if this was the right decision, I can assure you that it was one of the best months of my life, and definitely an experience that made me grow so much and learn a lot about myself. I graduated and became a certified 200-hour yoga teacher and I knew the second I graduated that I’ll never stop teaching, because I want to keep sharing what I’ve experienced and how the yoga philosophy can really change one’s perspective towards life. Yoga is all about slowing down, reflecting, breathing and going inwards to stay true to who you are and be mindful, caring and kind to yourself and others. it was truly a beautiful discovery for me and a life changing experience I will always cherish.” 

The Message in the Bottle

Malak Ghazaly

“If you’re lucky enough to know your passion (because a lot of people are still searching for their passion and purpose) hold on to it and never let it go, make a career out of it and follow it wholeheartedly even if it breaks all the norms, or is not the ideal or perfect scenario for society or others. Do not let fear blind you, control you or make you lose yourself, and hold on to your passion no matter what. “

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