Maria Bishara The Pilates Physio-instructor

Maria Bishara Pilates

Meet Maria Bishara, a lady who found her healing through Pilates, and is now on a mission to heal the ones in need and to pass on the blessings of her calling.

The cure

In 2013, Maria got her back injured/cracked from carrying someone her size in a wrong posture. When Maria went to a physiotherapist, he instructed her to do Pilates. Maria Bishara went to try Pilates as per prescription, but she didn’t really understand the technique well enough, Which increased the pain instead of lessening it, and that lasted for 4 and a half years.

The plot-twist

Maria Bishara Pilates

One day, Maria was talking with her husband and he suggested she can be an instructor as she has good potential and, on the thought, she figures that the Pilates’ studio owner is offering a certification to be a Pilates instructor. Maria, felt that this is a message, and she dived right in and took the course. She studied anatomy, learned about her posture mistakes, and started practicing at home until her muscles got stronger. Maria stopped going to the physiotherapy and… plot twist, the physiotherapist started to refer the patients to her, to help them through Pilates, by strengthening the muscles and lessening the pain.

The choice

Maria Bishara Pilates

Maria worked 4 years in Novartis, and quit 2 years ago, end of 2018. Her last year in Novartis was a routine of corporate job by day and Pilates instruction by night. By time, Maria figured out that she can’t do both and that she needs to choose one to give her 100%. After some discernment, she found out that Pilates is her call and she decided to become a full-time instructor to pay it forward. “I believe my experience was a message from God to feel others’ pain. I wasn’t just injured in my back, I also suffered from neck and knee injuries, and lately my wrist, elbow, and ankle. These injuries are healed by Pilates, by strengthening the muscles. I believe my injuries happened for me to relate to people who come to me for help. I know the amount and form of pain.”

The message

Maria Bishara Pilates

“Just like Pilates helped me, I want to help people through it”. Pilates is not only for the injured, it’s for anyone aspiring to strengthen their muscles, all, but mainly core. Pilates is the edge of core strengthening, which is needed for all exercises, and for body balance and control. “Through my cross training I know my posture is correct, my body is aligned, and I have control over it.”

“Success for me is when I receive a positive feedback from a client who used to suffer from an injury. Being able to help is what keeps me going. Another thing is when I notice that the clients understand and focus on the instruction I give, and feel more aware and connected to their bodies. I don’t train only as a job; I like to socialize with people and provide a positive impact both physically and psychologically.”

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