Meet the inspiring Reham Medhat, telling us her success story of losing weight

success story Reham

Reham was 95.7 Kg a year ago, she was upset with her body shape, so she decided to start her journey of losing weight. She went to a gym, psychiatrist and a nutritionist. She worked very hard, and followed her diet plan and training program. Reham was able to lose 19 Kg in the first 3 months.

Some Down Time:

Reham noticed that she couldn’t lose more weight. She worked very hard but in vain. She started to get bored of the healthy life program, and experienced some down time. She gained 4 more Kg.

Back to her healthy life program:

Reham didn’t stop there, she refused to be negative and surrendered. She started working out so hard again and again. Reham is 76 Kg now, she’s energetic, confident, happy, and training even harder to lose more weight.

“Look deep inside yourselves and think why did I gain all that weight? Food is part of the reason but not the whole reason, there’s always a deeper reason behind gaining weight. A reason that motivates you to eat more and more.” Reham said.

Reham motivates everyone who is overweight and can’t start to take a step and start now, because nothing impossible.

“Stress, over thinking, lack of passion.. all these reasons can lead to gaining more weight. Ask yourself what do I really like to do? Find your talent and passion. For me, I found myself, loving myself was leading me toward my goal.” She continued.

Start now, set a goal and when you reach it, reward yourself. And remember; never lose hope.

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