Metabolism and Summer – a strong positive relation

Metabolism and Summer

Wandering about the connection? Let me tell you some good news, summer is the best time to speed up your metabolism because hot weather has an effective hand in this process.

With effortless things we all spontaneously do in summer, we can boost our metabolism.

1. Sun exposure


It will boost your metabolism in 2 ways. Firstly exposing yourself to the sun for just 10 minutes, which all of us do when travelling by the seaside, will speed up your metabolism. This goes back to vitamin D you take from the sunlight which quickens your metabolism. Second thing is that hot weather itself with no effort helps in boosting your metabolism as the hotter the weather is, the more energy your body produce to cool you down, and the more calories your body will burn.


2. Cold shower

Cold Shower

Shocking somehow? But not when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees which is mostly the case during the majority of our Egyptian Summer season. It boosts metabolism as when your body is exposed to a different temperature, it releases more energy, which in turn speeds your metabolism.


3. Drinking water


And what is easier? It’s our best companion in summer and fortunately it increases your body’s metabolism! Adding ice to it will give you better results.


4. Sleeping in the AC

Air Condition

Our second best friend in summer! The idea is that sleeping in a cool room makes your body produce brown fat, a fat which helps in burning other fats. That’s how it speeds up your metabolism.


5. Swimming


Definitely any cardio workout and what is more refreshing and relaxing than swimming!

6. Eating nuts


Nuts like almonds and cashews boost your metabolism and fortunately Ramadan is approaching. Remember to stick to a small handful!

However, let me tell you that the best way to boost your metabolism is to keep laughing. No kidding! Scientifically, when a person laughs, the body also produces more energy which as we mentioned above is the key to speeding up your metabolism. Isn’t that easy enough?!


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