Mike Lindeman brings Actus 2017 to Egypt

Actus workshop

ACTUS is a Strength & Conditioning Workshop, founded by Mike Lindeman and his team, Joep Joosten and Kilian Stoker, in partnership with In The Zone Sports.


ACTUS serves as a foundation of valuable knowledge and practice for those of you who thrive to become better coaches, trainers, pro-athletes, or fitness enthusiasts. This unique workshop promises to bring you world-renowned fitness specialists, to teach you both theoretical and practical material in Strength & Conditioning.

Mike Lindeman, the Founder and Technical Director of ACTUS, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. With almost 20 years of experience working in football, his career screams valuable knowledge. Mike has a long career as a fitness coach all around Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Formerly known as Martin Jol’s assistant coach and fitness coach, the pair has worked together for over a decade at Tottenham Hotspurs, Hamburg SV, Ajax, Fulham and most recently Al Ahly. Mike has also worked in both Poland and Saudi Arabia’s federations as well.

Mike’s team consists of Joep Joosten and Kilian Stoker. Joep works as an athletic performance trainer with elite athletes of (inter)national level, for professional football club VVV Venlo and for Ultimate instability, the world leader in dynamic movement training. Besides his work as performance trainer for athletes, he is the personal trainer of several captains of industry, bringing best quality and high service training programs. As for Kilian, he is a pro when it comes to designing programs for every fitness goal. He is also an Olympic lifting and Performance Expert, and a perfectionist who worked with professional Football players, Pop artists and TV stars.


ACTUS will be mainly focusing on four modules throughout the workshop. The first is “Functional Sports Performance”, which will be focusing functional anatomy and motor learning through theory and practice. The second module is “Dynamic Loaded”, which will go deeper into motor learning and incorporating in your program design. The third module “Speed & Explosive” focuses on both of these aspects in depth, both in practice and in theory. And the final module “Functional Life Performance” will cover program design and periodization, along with nutrition and recovery.

Mike and his team will be hosting ACTUS from August 10th – 13th; the venue will be announced very soon. Click here to register now, and you can reserve your spot for this highly valuable and informative workshop. https://goo.gl/yVXAFU

You can also check up to date information about the workshop here: http://bit.ly/2sq9Dv0

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