Milk your way up to bulking

Milk Bulking

Hard gainers find it really difficult putting on some weight. While you think that trying to lose weight is your problem, the opposite can be the problem for others.

What once seemed impossible for so long can finally come true!

Getting in enough calories:

There is a caloric number that you must reach each day in order to grow, and this number should be the intake of the average person weighing what they would like to weigh.

You drink what you can’t eat! If you feel that you are really stuffed and can’t eat more than what you have already put into your stomach, you can gain the rest of the needed calories by drinking them. Since most people can still drink even after they are full.

3-4 glasses of milk can be counted as 950 calories

Drinking milk before sleeping can help you gain weight!

Even at night and in your sleep you need a source of protein, especially if you’re a hard gainer. Drinking sufficient amounts of milk will provide your body with the needed protein intake. The protein found in milk is called casein protein, which is slow to absorb and will therefore last longer within the body.

Nutrition Facts

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