Mohamed Eid – Transforming the Group Training Culture Through Elevate

Mohamed Eid - Elevate Egypt

Founder of Elevate Egypt and ex-professional footballer Mohammed Eid is an engineer by major and a coach by profession. He started his coaching career as a kids’ soccer coach in 2015 when one of his friends was starting a football academy. Mohamed found his passion in coaching, and it quickly became the best hour of his day; focusing on helping others and motivating them to achieve their goals has become his escape from life’s hassles. To be a good coach and to properly set an example, he had to relearn how to move, and he became a better athlete for it. Having always been the hard worker and high achiever that he is, Eid had not anticipated that coaching and training would motivate him and completely transform his work ethic and self-discipline the way they did. In this interview, we ask Mohamed about his newest adventure.

How was Elevate inspired?

Elevate Egypt

Elevate is a fitness services company that was inspired by the gap in group training culture. A good chunk of people was shifting to personal training because they felt neglected in the crowd of group sessions. I believe very strongly in the power of bringing together a group of people to learn from each other and expand their perspective, and that’s why Elevate was created. Elevate aims to elevate the quality of group sessions by having multiple qualified trainers per session who make sure that each member is engaged and passed by a minimum of fifteen times per the training hour. We offer six different types of training classes, personal training, training camps and corporate wellness, and online training, all while maintaining the quality of service, the vibe, and the fun that make us the best at what we do.

When did you decide it was your time to go on your own?

I’d felt like I had reached my full potential as a coach and that it was time for my next big thing. I took two major risks in my life: once when I quit my corporate career and the other when I decided to leave the prestigious position that I had in a super well-known fitness brand to start Elevate. I would say these two risks are my biggest accomplishments, by far. I’m super excited for the Elevate journey and am enjoying every second of it. The challenge of growing a business has been an exhilarating experience.

What keeps you inspired?

Elevate Egypt

I’ve always been mesmerized by how much room for growth as a coach and as a leader there always seems to be. I believe that success is not about numbers, but the desire to outwork and outlearn everyone as well as yourself. This desire is exactly what keeps me inspired. Also, knowing that what I do today will help someone be healthy and functional when they’re older never fails to drive me forward.  

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