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Address 3 Nakhla Al Motieai, Beside Man’oucheh,Heliopolis , Cairo
Telephone 01009676670


As former professional athletes who spent their whole life in the competitive sports field; we are trying to encourage people to work out and change their lifestyle.
Our mission for the time being is to motivate people to get out of the house, to quit their comfort zone and to start to experiment a new lifestyle that helps to improve their whole life.
Our goal is to change people’s perception of sport, health and nutrition.
Our team (coaches) were all champions in several sports and were members of the national team for several years. For us sport is our entire life.
We also provide special programs for pro-athletes (teams or individuals) that ensure they reach a distinguished level, in national and international competitions


Circuit training

Special programs for pro-athletes (teams or individuals)



Heliopolis Club – Branch


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