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Digital Marketing / Fitness Instructor at Shedd Fitness



I’m a 23 years old fitness addict , whom started his journey 5 years ago in 2009 as a skinny guy weighting 48 kg.s. Trying to make a difference started by reading and asking professionals for advice never said i can’t or i won’t got injured learned about the human body and how to exceed your limits without using steroids or even supplements wanted to build a base a hard one for myself and here i am today weighting 82 kg.s. I used 3 kinds of supplements during my journey and they were a bad choice : Serious Mass, Mass Peak and the best one was creatine mono hydrate 300 gm prolab.
i am seeking to be a role model for anyone who think being a hard-gainer is the ultimate problem guess what you are wrong and i will be glade to help :)…

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