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Although slacklining hasn’t been around for too long (early eighties), it’s been an activity/sport that has captured the hearts, minds, and souls of the many that have and continue to practice this art form all around the world. From as early as the age of 5, to adults well into their sixties or seventies. A core engaging & mind clearing activity that enhances your focus, balance, and will power (amongst other benefits.) A mixture of Yoga, Tai chi, & gymnastics. You can work on standing (balancing), sitting, walking, surfing, or various other exercises/poses. From slacking in the park (between trees), to waterlining over rivers (water), or suspended between rooftops or mountains (highlining.)

Muhamad El-Sharkawy

Slack Egypt

Muhamad El-Sharkawy has been slacklining for the past 6+ years. Starting in Ontario Canada, where he was blessed to learn from and meet some of the best slackliners in the world. Originally as a kid, Muhamad was into many different sports, some included, karate, swimming, tennis, football, to gymnastics, all the way to discovering yoga and slacklining, later on in his adult life. 

While pursuing his yoga teachers training in Toronto, Muhamad randomly discovered slacklining at a weekend festival, where he fell in love at first sight and never looked back, eventually becoming one of the founding members of the Toronto slackline association, and helping grow and spread the sport there. He also spear-headed the introduction of the first slacklining focused gym there, where he originally worked as a gymnastics coach and eventually, taught slacklining to adults and kids, as young as the age of 5.

Slack Egypt

 Due to some unforeseen life matters, Muhamad decided to come back to Egypt. This is where the idea of spreading and establishing slacklining as a sport started. Muhamad created Slackline-Egypt, Egypt’s first slacklining school, which opened its “doors” in 2019 and has been teaching many to focus, balance, and believe in themselves, through the art of slacklining.

Slack Egypt

“Thanks to many supporters, team members, and good friends, the sport is slowly becoming an established sport, and it isn’t just something people see online or on television, it’s become a reality, with many people, everyday getting to learn and experience this beautiful art form and activity sport.”

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